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Hello qtpis. I reblog pretty much anything but as a summary I reblog mostly pretty things and some anime shit. I'm a Finland-Swedish & asian (strawberry) hobbit from the "Moominland". Admires j-streetfashion esp. lolita, mori, dolly and cpk. MY BLOG CAN SPAM SOMETIMES!!! Enjoy your stay here~ :3

Bless him.

Anonymous: Love your outfit! Can I ask where on taobao you bought that dress? I adore tapestry and this is such a cute piece! Thanks~~

Thank you omg ! <3 Wha I’m so happy you liked it. ! ! I freaking adore tapestry aswell and it’s a perfect for autumn here when the weather is more chill and cold  :D I bought the dress a few years ago so I’ve completely forgot the link to it. D:  Idk if there are still any taobao shops who resell this dress. If I happen to find it again somewhere on Taobao or any other site I’ll definitively post it here on tumblr :) 


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